Season Overview

Mysteries of the Abandoned - Season 1

2017 Science Channel

Episodes (6)

1.Nazi Ghost Town(8.0)
Revisiting deserted engineering projects to find out how they were built and why they were mysteriously abandoned; a Soviet mega-structure; a massive Nazi brainwashing complex; a dangerous desert pass.

2.Curse Of Hell Island(8.0)
Exploring a ghost town that was once a dangerous industrial hellscape, a giant warship at the bottom of the ocean, and a top-secret relic that could have changed the Cold War.

3.Phantoms Of Chernobyl(8.0)
Exploring what happened to the large town located just outside of Chernobyl on the eve of disaster, a fleet of ghost ships, and a dangerous mountain road that changed history.

4.Wild West Apocalypse(8.0)
Stories of incredible engineering projects that are now deserted, including a massive military site that was once a hotbed for nuclear testing, a top-secret airbase hidden inside a mountain, and an otherworldly power plant.

5.Soviet Doomsday Device()
Abandoned engineering projects include a classified Soviet machine built to prevent all-out nuclear war, a top-secret Nazi facility, and a strange tower that left an enduring legacy.

6.The Tesla Conspiracy(8.0)
Some of the world's most incredible engineering projects are now deserted; Explore what happened to a cutting-edge research complex built by a visionary genius; an ambitious Nazi project that met a sinister end; a Cold War relic that changed history.