Artist Overview

The term "hybrid" best categorizes the music of Dan Voicians, a young producer from Stuttgart in the South of Germany. Listeners can expect a full-on sonic assault through an eclectic mix of musical styles. From rock to drum-and-bass to piano/orchestral and electronic elements - this cross-genre bullet ride IS the sound and identity of Voicians. Voicians' musical accomplishments proceed him, including his remixes of well-known artists such as Celldweller, I:Scintilla, Sybreed and Komor Kommando among others. Dan placed first place in the FIXT remix competition for both Subkulture's "Erasus" and Celldweller's "The Lucky One" and third place in Celldweller's remix competition for both "Switchback" and "Louder Than Words".
Electronic,Industrial,Industrial rock

Colors II(2016)(~)

A Matter of Time(2014)(Metal)

Wasteland (Disarmed Edition)(2017)(~)